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Dear Business Owner, 

Are you tired of trying to come up with enough content to post to your blog and social media platforms day in and day out? Are you short on time, ideas and the skill to create attractive graphics that attract the attention of your customers on your Facebook page, or articles that will people will want to read on your blog?

I know how difficult it can be to take care of all of the other day-to-day responsibilities and still find the time (and the enthusiasm!) to create content too! We all know that content is king and you have to have a steady supply of quality content … but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all!

What if you could just download the content you needed every month and just schedule it to go live on your social media accounts and website?

How much time are you spending to research and create your content now? Would “done for you” social media posts, blog posts and videos help you grow your business and simplify your life?


You don’t have to struggle anymore! Take Terry, for example, a veterinarian with tons of knowledge when it came to animals and veterinary medicine, but he knew nothing about technology or social media and didn’t want to learn. He was perfectly happy with his flip phone, and didn’t want to have anything to do with a phone that was “smarter” than he was. When I first started working with him, he was invisible on the internet. A google search would turn up ancient technical papers from when he was doing research for his degree, but nothing about his practice. After developing a following on Facebook and Twitter, and adding content to his website, he rose to page one and dominated Google for his keywords! 

Or take Susan. The reach of her Facebook page was at 4 when we started working together. The page reach right now is over 2,000 — twice the number of followers on her page!



People love to read interesting quotes, especially from influential or historical people. Quote graphics typically receive likes and shares across social medial platforms.


Questions are good conversation sparkers. You want to get people engaged and talking on your social media and website pages.


You can't escape video anymore! Facebook prefers it over all other types of content. You need it for YouTube, and you can embed it on your blog.


Your customers aren't just looking for entertainment, they want valuable information in the form of tips and articles.

don't just take my word for it

"Who would have thought a picture of a mother and child with a quote about love in the home would have a reach of over 6,000 on our real estate page. Or that a quote on happiness with two little girls hugging would have over 300 post engagements. And her blog posts consistently average a reach of 5,000 people. Cheree produces simple, beautiful and effective content. We are happy to have her as a part of our team."
Tabatha headshot cropped
Tabatha Davis
Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX First
"Unbelievable! If I told you the percentage of increase in our social media numbers since Cheree Miller has been helping us, you probably wouldn’t believe it. Not only has she improved our reach but the appearance of the message we are sending out has been enhanced. If you are needing to step up your game on social media, Cheree Miller is that next step."
Susan Allen
Pastor, Russellville Christian Center
"Cheree quickly envisioned the usefulness of communicating and educating clients via social media setting us apart from the crowd. When clients came to pick up their pets they would barely listen to my aftercare instructions because they were so busy talking about our Facebook page and Twitter feed! She took our clinic from invisible to page one on Google. She is worth every penny."
Pam Morgan
Veterinary Technician
"Cheree has a long track record of pinpointing consumer needs and pain points. Creating a connection and increasing perceived value from the consumer's perspective is her enduring strength. She has the ability to anticipate needed information and frame solutions in a fresh way, leaving customers feeling understood, satisfied and coming back for more!"
Dr. Suzanne Parsel
"My Assistant Sheree and I have been working with Cheree for the past 12 years. She is very professional, detail oriented and always looking for ways to help grow businesses and reduce risk. I am very comfortable recommending her to all of my clients who own businesses."
Financial Advisor, VP
Fitness Sample
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Choose the plan that's right for you

There are several plans you can choose from. Purchase a single pack of done for you content you can plug into your social media platforms (or choose a month-to-month subscription). Or save money with an annual subscription for a pack every month. Want to go all out? Then choose the Premium Membership option for additional benefits. Whichever plan suits you best, we’ve got your social media content needs covered! Cancel at any time to avoid recurring charges.


Montly subscription

  • 30 images
  • 30 convo sparkers
  • 30 tips
  • 4 articles
  • 4 videos


quarterly subscription
($300 savings!)

  • 30 images/mo
  • 30 quotes/mo
  • 30 convo sparkers/mo
  • 30 tips/mo
  • 4 articles/mo
  • 4 videos/mo
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Extra content weekly
  • Branding "how to" instructions


Per month Premium Membership

  • 30 images/mo
  • 30 quotes/mo
  • 30 convo sparkers/mo
  • 30 tips/mo
  • 4 articles/mo
  • 4 videos/mo
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Extra content weekly
  • Branding "how to" instructions
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Weekly training videos

Frequently asked questions

You may purchase a single social media pack, or a month-to-month subscription. Each pack contains 30 quote graphics, 30 quotes, 30 conversation sparkers, 30 tips, 4 blog articles and 4 videos. Quarterly subscriptions are available at a discounted price and include social media tips and training and extra content each month. Premium subscriptions include all of the above plus membership in a Facebook group with training videos, weekly training webinars and weekly Q&A sessions.

A single pack is $75. Month-to-month subscriptions are $75 a month. Quarterly subscriptions are $150 every 3 months (a $75 savings every quarter, or $300 annually). Premium subscriptions are available at $99 a month.

Of course! We have a sample social media pack available for download. This pack includes 1 ea quote graphic, quote, conversation sparker, tip and blog article. If we sold this mini-pack, it would cost $25 or more. We offer it at no charge because we believe once you see the quality and value of our social media packs, you will want to receive a full pack every month! 

We would be very sorry to see you go! But, you can always cancel your subscription through your PayPal account. If you need to downgrade for a while (or if you would like to upgrade to a premium subscription!) just contact us. We are more than happy to help!

Perhaps! Send us your resume and let us know why we should hire you and what you can bring to our team. We are interested in growing our business as we help other people grow theirs!

Disclaimer:  Of course, results will vary. Just putting this information on your website and social media platforms without a plan and without engaging with your readers, will not give you good results. The only 100% solution would be to hire a full-time social media manager. But we can significantly reduce your workload. And, you will get tips and suggestions on how to improve audience engagement. For the best results, consider the premium membership with weekly training videos and Q&A sessions designed to help you grow your business and simplify your life. 

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