Features vs. Benefits

So much of the time we try to sell people on the features of our product. Look at what this car does! Look at all the great features of this home! Look at all the extras and gizmos and do-dads my product has! Look at all the vitamins and minerals my shake has!
Sell the benefit, not a comparison. How you market yourself is all about highlighting what you or your product will do for your customer. What does your customer want? How will your product (house, car, service, shake) make them feel? How will it make their lives different?

That’s why my tagline is: Grow your business & simplify your life.

selling featuresLet me tell you about George. He was really struggling to come up with enough content to post on his social media platforms and blog and just keeping up with all the algorithm changes had become a full-time job.
George was exhausted.
He was spending too much time at the office and not enough time with his family. Then he discovered how much easier it was to have content delivered to his email box and a newsletter keeping him on top of the changes.
It saved him hours of research and work every week… time he can now spend at home with his family. George has discovered how to grow his business and simplify his life.
Tell your customers a story they can relate to about how much better they are going to feel after buying your car, house, product or service.



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