Never Stop Dreaming

never stop dreaming

Whatever you do, never stop dreaming!


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How to Have a Great Life

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If you look at the lives of most successful people, you’ll find that the vast majority of them didn’t start out that way. They weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Life wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter. (Let’s see how many cliches I can come up with to illustrate my point, shall we?)

Even Jesus told us that there would be trouble in the world. None of us are immune to it. So, what makes the difference? How is it that one person born into poverty becomes wealthy and successful later in life, but another person born into almost identical circumstances ends up in prison, or homeless, or by some other definition becomes a failure?

I read an article about twin boys whose father murdered their mother. At a very young age, their mother was dead and their father was in prison. Years later, one brother had become successful and wealthy, the other brother was in and out of prison. The interviewer asked each man why his life turned out the way it did. The interesting thing is, they both gave the same answer:

“How else could I have turned out under the circumstances?”

One boy used his circumstances as an excuse to fail. The other used his circumstances as motivation to succeed.

Thinking about the parable of the two houses, one built on a rock, and the other built on sand. Both were subjected to the same storm, winds and waves. One fell. The other remained standing.

How will you respond to life? Will you let it tear you down? Or will you use your circumstances as the motivation to rise up and create the life you want?





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Sweet 18


Zed Card FrontWouldn’t want to be 18 again for anything, but wouldn’t mind looking this young again! 🙂 From my modeling ZED card about 40 years ago…


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Baked Pears

pearsI like to “play” in the kitchen. I cook more by experimentation than by recipe. Now, I do sometimes follow recipes… mostly. But I will admit that I tend to change almost every recipe up at least a little bit… just kind of add my own twist to it.

Usually it’s a matter of thinking “Oh, I bet that would taste great with _____ in it…” Insert spice or food or flavoring here.

Even if I stay fairly true to a recipe, I will usually only measure everything out the first time. After that, I “eyeball” it.

Because of my method of cooking, I always struggle when someone asks me for a recipe. While I can tell you the ingredients I used, I can rarely tell you with any degree of certainty how MUCH of each ingredient I used. It might be “a handful” or a “couple of spoons” or “a dash” or “a sprinkle”.

So, when I posted a picture of my baked pears on social media and was asked for a recipe, I had to make something up.

Baked Pears

How did I come up with the dish? I saw a picture on the internet. They said what they used. I substituted some of the ingredients and put in amounts that seemed right, but I didn’t measure anything.

This “recipe” then, is my best guess at the amounts I used to make my baked pears. I encourage you to experiment with what you have in your kitchen that sounds good, and come up with your own variation.

By the way, these were pretty yummy!


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One Word for 2017: Faithful

I read a book a few years ago called One Word That Will Change Your Life. The idea is to choose a single word to serve as your compass for the year, your reminder of what you have chosen to focus on. This year, I have chosen the word: Faithful. As the year progresses, I will apply this to all areas of my life. I will strive to be faithful to my calling, faithful to my health and fitness goals, faithful in healthy eating habits, faithful to my employer, a faithful steward of my finances, a faithful car and home owner, faithful in all of my relationships… Especially my relationship with God.

Please share one word you will focus on in the coming year. I can’t wait to read your responses!

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