Marketing Predictions for 2018

Forbes has released their marketing predictions for the coming year. Here are my key takeaways.

social mediaMulti-Channel Marketing through Email, SMS and Push Notifications. You want to reach your customers through a variety of channels and at different stages of their journey.

This is going to be increasingly important this year.

I’m sure you’ve heard “the money is in the list”. If you haven’t started building an email list of customers and potential customers yet, you need to get busy.

As social media platforms change their rules and it becomes more challenging to jockey for a position in the news feed, having an email list of people who have already raised their hands is going to be critical.

This is permission marketing at its finest. People complain about how many emails they receive and complain about all of the messages crowding their inbox.

The fact is if someone told you they want to receive more information from you, and you send them quality information and content, and you have subject lines that entice them to open your email, there is no better way to generate sales than through your email list.

The other key thing to remember about an email list is, it’s yours! If you are relying on conversations on Facebook and Zuckerberg pulls the plug on businesses on the Facebook platform, you just lost your income… in a moment.

You want to make sure you have real estate that you own; your website and your email list.

personalMulti-Format Video is going to be big across platforms in 2018 — especially in the stories format. Think short, related videos that tell a story.

As Seth Godin says, “marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” And when you are telling your story, you need to be speaking to your ideal audience.

Don’t try to convince your haters, instead, speak directly to the people who came to hear what you have to say. Those other people aren’t your audience.

It’s a myth that everyone is your customer. Everyone isn’t your customer. Not everyone wants to buy what you have to sell.

Your goal, your task, your mission is to reach out to the person who truly wants what you have, the person who needs the solution you offer, and then just tell them how you can help.

Social advertising will continue to dominate when it comes to pay for play.

Facebook, Instagram, and Google will continue to lead the field. But other social channels will find out how to cash in on advertising dollars as well.

If your content, your advertising, your presence isn’t mobile responsive, you will struggle to compete. Nearly 60% of all searches occur on mobile devices now. People are ditching laptops and desktops in favor of smartphones. Even iPads fall short.

We are in a portable, mobile society.

Multi is the keyword for 2018… multi-channel marketing, multi-format video, multi-channel personalization…

In 2018, you will need to connect with your customers where they are… not interrupt, but connect, truly engage with them by being relevant.

What does your customer want? THAT’S the key. That’s what you talk about. That’s how you attract the right customer.

2018 is going to be an amazing year! Get out there and do awesome things!

Let’s build your business and simplify your life!



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