Today’s Workout: CVX

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and also a Beachbody Coach. I don’t make a huge deal out of being a Beachbody Coach, mainly because anyone can be a coach. In fact, the reason I became a Beachbody Coach in the first place, was to get a discount on their products. Although I have a gym membership Read more about Today’s Workout: CVX[…]

Habits Can Be Good For You!

Starting today, right now, develop some good habits that will take you through the year. Don’t set an overwhelming goal. Set a daily goal: Today, i will workout for 30 minutes. Or, today I will walk 2 blocks. Or, today I will drink 8 glasses of water. Then tomorrow, set the same goal, or raise Read more about Habits Can Be Good For You![…]


Day 5: Self-Talk

We each have a constant inner monologue all day, every day running through our minds. Sometimes it gives a blow-by-blow account of what’s happening now. But more often, it repeats the past like a hung up record. (Of course, you may not be familiar with that phrase, if you were born in the CD era Read more about Day 5: Self-Talk[…]

4 Months Ago, This Seemed Like a Good Idea

LR Marathon StartFour months ago this seemed like a good idea… This is a poster you see often along the side of the route running the Little Rock Marathon. And after about halfway through the race, you really start to identify with the message! “It did seem like a good idea… now, I’m not so sure.”

I lost count of the number of people who asked me why I was doing it. My why was pretty simple, and two-fold: 1) I had always said I wanted to run a marathon just so that I could say I had done it. 2) I was having trouble staying motivated with my morning workout, and thought I would do something a bit more challenging.

26.2 miles is more than “a bit” more challenging than my weight routines had been.

But, I made the decision to do a marathon, searched on line for upcoming marathons, saw that there was one in Little Rock that was about 4 months away and the price was going up tomorrow, and it just happened to be scheduled 4 days before my birthday. I felt as though a huge neon sign was saying “Do This! It’s meant to be!”

So, I registered and immediately posted my registration on Facebook and Twitter… I couldn’t back out now, I had just announced it to the whole world!


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