Praying Through

praying throughYou may have heard the phrase “praying through”. It basically means praying until something happens. This doesn’t necessarily mean that what you have been praying for happens. It’s more of an alignment of your soul with God’s Will. What is God’s Will? It’s his word. If he made a promise in his word, that is his will for you and for everyone (because he doesn’t play favorites!).

If we are truly operating in faith we have to reach a point where our praying turns into praising. Click To Tweet

If you are truly operating in faith, then, there comes a time when your prayers should turn to praise. Once you have aligned yourself with God’s Word, you stop asking and start thanking instead.

You wouldn’t continue to ask someone for something they had already given you, yet that’s what we do with God all the time. Jesus isn’t coming down from heaven to touch anyone, to heal anyone, to save anyone. He already did his work. Remember when he said “It is finished”? Then he gave his followers, us, the church body, the authority to do what he did. We are the body of Christ. We are supposed to be his hands and his feet.

Don't make your entire prayer life one of asking for things. Click To Tweet

Pray, yes, without ceasing. But don’t make your entire prayer life one of asking for things. Ask, and then give thanks, because he has already provided everything we need.




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