Difference Between Where You Are & Where You Want to Be

excuse differenceI’m enjoying some time away at a Minister’s Conference in Hot Springs this weekend. This is a quote from one of today’s speakers.

Think about your own life… where you are now… where you would like to be instead. Now ask yourself: “What is holding me back?”

Probably, what is holding you back is an excuse.

Maybe like Moses, you can’t speak well (so God told him to take Aaron along).

It’s actually ironic that illustration was the first to come to my mind. I have been battling this “speaker” label. I have spoken. And, I’m actually pretty good at speaking. People tell me I have a pleasant speaking voice. I’m very detail oriented, so if you give me a topic, I will do the research and have the facts to back up my point of view. I’m also a better than average writer.

I call myself a speaker, yet I’m just as apt to tell you that I’m not a speaker, depending on the circumstances.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it depends on the circumstances. And it also depends on what I tell myself.

I’ve already chosen my One Word for 2017 (faithful). If I hadn’t, I would chose the word BOLD or BOLDNESS. This word has been spoken many times during this conference, and it speaks to me personally.

It’s time to stop referring to myself as a “wall flower”. It’s time to be bold.

The truth is, I am a speaker… and I’m actually a pretty darn good speaker.

And, I know better than to use the words I AM in conjunction with something I don’t want to be true. Those are powerful words. They have an almost magic quality of coming true.

So, this year, I will be faithful in the words I speak AND I will also be bold. I will speak boldly, and act boldly and face the year and my circumstances unafraid. The future is bright with promise, and I won’t let any excuses stand in my way.

What are some of the excuses you are going to give up this year? No time? No money? No talent?





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