When a Rock is More Than Just a Rock

I have dogs… lots of dogs… When I first moved to Arkansas, I had two: Jack (a Toy Fox Terrier) and Jade (a Pit Bull Terrier). Jack is buried under the oak tree in my front yard. Jade’s ashes are in a cedar box in my living room. My dog population has been as high as 35 when I was actively involved in animal rescue. Lately it has hovered around 10 or 12.

I also have rocks… lots of rocks… This is Arkansas, after all, and we have very rocky soil here. My property has rocks of all colors and sizes (which makes it very difficult to dig a hole!).


As long as I have had dogs here, I’ve also had rocks here. The dogs have never really cared. They enjoy a game of ball, or tug of war, or chasing each other around. They also enjoy chasing rabbits and trying to unearth the gophers or moles in my yard. But they’ve never really cared about rocks… until now.

Enter Pearl…

Pearl is an 11 month old Black Labrador Retriever. Even though I swore I wouldn’t take in any more dogs, when Pearl’s mother showed up at our surgery center after being hit by a car and was on the verge of being euthanized, I asked the family to release her to me. After all, I’ve seen so many hit-by-car dogs recover and go on to live long, happy lives. I figured I’d just re-home her once she was healed.

I didn’t know that Nova had suffered neurological injuries and would be incontinent. I also didn’t know she was pregnant.

Nova & Puppies

I found homes for all five of her pups, but Pearl came back. Most of the dogs I have are one left over from a litter that was rescued and re-homed.


But, I digress…


PearlPearl likes rocks. She doesn’t know they are only rocks. She thinks they are toys. 90% of the time when I take the dogs outside for a walk, Pearl will run ahead of us, dig up a rock, and then jealously guard it during the walk. She’ll run ahead of the pack, plop down in the grass with the rock between her front paws, and when we catch up, she’ll grab the rock in her mouth and run ahead of us again.

I have a variety of rocks in my house, compliments of Pearl.

The funny thing is, the other dogs are now beginning to think there is something special about these rocks too. A few minutes ago, Spot (the alpha male) took Pearl’s rock and is now sleeping on the bed with it. He never cared about rocks before.

Children and dogs are a lot alike. They see magic in the things we adults see as ordinary. Click To Tweet

girl and dandelion

Children and dogs are a lot alike. They see magic in the things we adults see as ordinary. They have the ability to have fun in almost any given situation or circumstance. They see treasures in the mundane things of life.


Seek ye first the kingdom of God... and all these things shall be added unto you. Mat 6:33 Click To Tweet

Lately, I have been doing a Bible study on the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus told us we were to seek that first, and then everything else would come to us naturally. So, I have been spending about an hour a day looking up every scripture that mentions the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God and writing them down in my journal. I’ve started with the NIV, but will do a cross-comparison with other translations and commentaries as well.

Unless you... become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Mat 18:3 Click To Tweet

Jesus also said that if we wanted to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we had to become as little children.

I don’t have any little children at home to observe and study, but I do have dogs… lots of dogs… and I think in many ways they are similar.

They see magic in everyday things. They play often. They never grow weary. And all of their needs are met… hmmmmm…

Maybe the reason I have so many dogs, is that I have a lot of lessons to learn from them.




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